XF 1.3 Options missing from Admin CP

Hey all.
I ran into some problems with a server crash during an addon install. I had no idea how to fix it so I thought upgrading to the latest beta might just rebuild everything and it worked...up to a point.

There are now various options missing from the options group in the adminCP. I can't tell everything that's missing but I know for sure google integration is missing and in twitter integration, most of the options are missing.

Is there an easy way to fix this?

Any help greatly appreciated


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i'm missing google and twitter integration (twitter login part) and i did a fresh install.

should i do the same thing to fix this? will that mess with any settings/options i've configured?

edit - just realized you mentioned 1.3. i'm on 1.2.5...don't think those are available until 1.3, right?
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i do see the "login with twitter, google, fb" buttons appear on the user end. but in the admin, i don't see the "test google/twitter" options where the "test facebook" link is listed.

they seem to work though fine for the userend.
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