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Lack of interest Option to turn off notable members list

Adam Howard

Well-known member
Yes, I am aware that you can turn on and off the members list (it's off by default since XenForo 1.2.x). But this still leaves the notable members list. There simply are places that do not want any members list whatsoever.

I am aware that there is an add-on / guide to removing this manually (I should know, I authored it)

It would be nice though if there was an option to completely turn this off. Please and thank you :)


Well-known member
Hi Adam,

If I understand correctly, you would like it to look like this when a visitor clicks the Member tab.


Adam Howard

Well-known member
I already have an add-on called Remove Members which removes the members tab altogether:

Yes, my guide tells you how to do that as well.

But I'm talking about having the option to turn it all off, without editing files. So that not even a spam bot or smart member can find it, because there will be nothing to find.

Ideally, if its off they should be greeted with either "nothing to see here" type message.