Lack of interest Mod/Admin setting to turn off downvotes per-thread

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We can turn them off per forum node, I would like to have them ON in the node, but as mod/admin (specifically admin) be able to turn off individual threads.

This is the node setting:
Allow answers given to votable questions to be downvoted
If disabled, users may only choose to upvote answers.

I would like it to be added here:

Thread, edit:
Allow question actions


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Agreed, upvoted.

More generally, I think anything with a possible setting should be adjustable by default. Shouldn't have to ask for it. The more of a killer product that it is, the better for the customer and also the better the sales.
Here's the use case:

I run contests and don't want people to downvote others. But I have to turn off downvoting for the whole node just to run a contest.

So a thread like: "Who took the best nature photo this month?" I would want only upvote ability. BUT in the same forum, I would want people to ask questions that get up/downvotes to answers.
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