Lack of interest Option to populate Help page info as threads/posts ?


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Been looking around at the xenforo forums listed at and a common trait I see is they started posting FAQ/Help threads in their news/announcement forums to help members new to xenforo understand the new forum system they have switched to.

Why not have an admin option to enable this automatically ? When option is enabled it will:
  1. Allow you to specify the forum id where you want the auto populated Help related threads posted in
  2. Copy the standard Help info text for each section and auto create a new thread in the forumid forum with a link back to relevant Help section page
  3. Add to Help pages i.e. at an individual thread link for each section to the corresponding Help info thread from step 2 above
  1. This will allow new forums or establish forums migrating to Xenforo to automatically populate a specified forumid forum with useful and relevant content to guide new Xenforo members.
  2. Folks browsing the Help pages who have questions will have a clear forumid thread link to jump to discuss this further.
  3. Each auto created Help thread will allow 2-way communication between administration/mods and members if they have issues or questions related to using Xenforo thus encouraging and promoting further discussions.
Would love for such a feature not sure if this is a small feature coding wise or large so feel free to move this to right suggestion forum :)


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I'm just eternally waiting for bbcode on Pages so I can use the existing Help system more easily.
Anthony's Help addon is fantastic but it's very slow doing every fiddly link and image display in html and uploading images separately by ftp. Anthony himself agrees.

If we could make use of the Help section quickly and easily Help is then not just another forum. We can quickly link support requests to its URLs.

Just my preferred route.


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I did make a tutorial on how to create custom help pages, so you could do this yourself.

I agree though, Help pages should be more integrated, they can't be added to unless you hack at templates or create an add-on.
Anthony's addon is really really good. It's just the editing of content GRRRRR.

Unfortunately my coder does not want to do another big mod for me immediately - the Directory to handle Articles and other content - he needs a month off (wail) - he has a lot of admin to sort out himself.
But I'm asking him to make me a very simple skeleton page to be going on with
- just title textbox + textarea with bbcode + access to its URL so I can do navig links off a root page in Help or elsewhere.

With that I could get my Help section sorted in a tenth of the time, and get a basic demo Library going.
When he's ready to do the whole Directory addon these pages can be transferred easily as already in bbcode format. Their links would simply change off the section root.
Crossed fingers he'll do this workaround.


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Update YAY! just had a reply that he'll do the skeleton page addon for me this week!
As in title textbox + textarea with bbcode + access to its URL so I can do navig links off a root page in Help or wherever.

We're comparing diaries on when to work on the big addon full design of admin fields input, output pages and CMS.