Add an ACP option to change the time limit for the What's New page

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As per the original thread here (´s-new-it-shows-no-results-found.5925/), it would be useful if there was an easy way to adjust the time limit for which "new" threads are displayed on the What's New Page.

For smaller, less busy forums, it can be a little disconcerting to constantly see the "No results found." message.

Increasing the time limit to 5 or even 7 days will help to at least make the forum appear busier than it actually is, thereby promoting more activity.

Currently it is set at 3 days/72 hours.
If you want to change it then you need to edit library/xenforo/controllerpublic/findnew.php
if ($days < 1)
    $days = 3;
If you want it be set to 5 days for example, change it to:
if ($days < 1)
    $days = 5;
It would just be easier if this was an ACP setting to avoid having to manually edit the file.
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It would be nice to see this in 1.2 :)
[Product] - What's New [I think this addon may have withered]

Ask them to add +exclude certain forums.

I don't think people necessarily want another setting, what they really want is for the "What's New" link to never lead to a blank page, it should always show the newest posts, even if they're relatively old. Why not have the What's New page show the last 3 days worth of posts or the newest 100 posts, whichever is greater (or something to that effect). That way you give people what they want without cluttering up the ACP with another setting.

We need this in whatever next design step XF is about to do, beta or whatever.

Members should NEVER get a NO - it's a slap in the face for their effort in searching and will demotivate interest. Driftaway.
It also makes our board look dead. Which is forum death. Appearances appearances.

As Enigma said -
What's New page show the last X days worth of posts or the newest 100 posts, whichever is greater.
X = admin setting default 3.
er soneone explain that because I've forgotten how I did it.
What's Read Marking Data Lifetime (Days)"
- as in where is it?
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