[Suggestion] Create & save custom filters for the "What's New" page


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It'll be nice to have an exclude option where users can exclude certain threads and entire categories when clicking the what's new button.
Just like the subscribe to this thread or follow this post, something to exclude would be nice as well
Blandt (and supporters of this useful improvement suggestion),

In relation to your suggestion I have put up this one: Sort functionality for What's New. I miss the dedicated forum name-column that vBulletin 3.8 came with, but by providing us with Sort functionality for the 'What's New' we don't need a column. Sorting abilities will make the What's New overview more useful, as does your suggestion. http://xenforo.com/community/threads/sort-functionality-for-whats-new.9603/


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My board runs a large classifieds, the largest in europe of its type. This often means having 200+ new replies in that forum every day or more.

The problem is, when you click on "whats new" you get spammed with classifieds threads, which, while some memebrs don't mind that, others would prefer to only see replies from other parts of the forum about "genuine" topics opposed to for sale threads.

So, would it be possible to implement this feature to allow members to choose to ignore the classifieds from showing up in "whats new"?



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Is there any headway made with this suggestion? A number of my users have been complaining about too much off topic posts creeping into "What's New"... wondering how others are handling?



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I have found a way to do this via the template system in XF. I'll make a post about it shortly.


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no, and i doubt we ever see this as core either.
the best i have been able to ever manage was global ignore on whats new.


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There is an addon by Chris, which does something similar, have you had a look?