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Hello all,

So recently we converted from phpbb to Xenforo... and I have to say, we are obsessed with it!
Still trying to work out the "kinks", and reorganize some things around the board. But it is officially open as of NOW.

I would also like to thank some of the kind users around here that are willing to help with questions I have posted this past week!

Info about the community:

First off I would like to introduce myself...
I am the founder of the OPTIKS Gaming Community and find real passion to bringing you a positive and competitive gaming experience while maintaining a friendly community aspect off the server life and on the forums.

We currently are in a recruiting stage for our community!

At the moment, we have a couple of post rally contests going on where you can win real cash via paypal or Steam gifts! This is just one example of why being part of our community is a fun and interactive experience.

We usually have numerous divisions being led under OPTIKS and at the moment we are looking for self motivated leaders to step up to the plate, and form divisions. The division I will be leading later this year will be for our ARMA 3 server. Where we will carry out community operations and cooperatively complete scenarios built by community members in-game.

Please note: We are not just a division based community, but we want to strive to bring a casual gaming news/discussion feel to the forum as well for the users that do not want to participate in a more structured form. I.E. Non-OPS Members

So if interested, please dont hesitate to ask and questions or concerns you have... and I will be on our forums and this forum.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Style is looking good and I've been seeing the enhancements you've made bit by bit and your constantly improving upon the style so for that along, nice work.

I have to suggest this because I feel the following might look better. Have you tried removing the lastpost border to see how this looks? I think it would bring over a cleaner feel.

But overall excellent work keep up with the improvements. :)


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Thanks for the feedback Shelley!

I will contemplate your style edit with staff, and see what we believe would be best. I honestly cant decide... since I like your version as it gives a cleaner look to the board. But I also kinda like the border going around the latest post areas as it matches up with the rest of the template (y)


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Would you beable to offer an example?
We are still contemplating if that is a good change for the style :)


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Something I forgot to mention which I think you should clean up. The (.arrowWidget) icon looks awfully untidy and looks like it is suffering what is often present within gif icons (matte problems) when they are applied on background colours that expose matting. I'd suggest cleaning those up a little.



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Yes, we just changed those to a black color.
Uh nevermind, disregard that ^.
But I will most likely create my own image for those in photoshop within the near future :)


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Alrighty, I believe this is worth posting here. Before we were trying to keep this somewhat on the "down low" / secretive to just out members. But I think its time to let others know about this opportunity.

The OPTIKS Gaming Community is now putting forth a investment of funds towards rewarding our dedicated users of our community.

You can be rewarded Steam games just by participating in our community.
Check out our incentives here: http://www.optiksgaming.com/resources/

OPS Cash is rewarded for every post. So we are basically rewarding you for just being active within our community... I think our staff is going crazy to be honest. But hey, whatever sparks everyone's interest right?!

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Some new style edits made today.

Please note: We were upgrading our server earlier this week... so that would be the reasoning behind some temporarly downtime.
Everything should be good to go now!

Open to criticism, thoughts, and feedback :cool:


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Recently, we upgraded the ever improving graphics around the board. Things are really starting to come together!

We have also modified the Resource Manager to act as our community shop, where you can purchase Steam games with your virtual "OPS Cash" (y)

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Very cool @Wing we had a virtual store on our site for awhile and it turned out great, we didn't have games like you do but never-the-less it boosted our forum activity like crazy.

Loving what your doing with everything, seems fantastic.