Browser issue  Opera & sig links


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Running Opera 11; some links in sigs don't seem to work for some vague reason. Can't think of any reason why it happens. It only happens with some of them, too.

To reproduce: go to Peggy's profile & click the We ♥ Our Kids link in her sig (sorry Peggy! :p)
Had it happen in other signatures too, but Peggy's is the only one to come to mind right now. I'll edit this if I see more.

Wish I could give yas more info, but yeah, I'm fairly clueless about this one <_<

EDIT: Also happens on the following.
  • VincentU's "Selling &!" link
  • Shelley's "The Happy Place - Clickable Smilies Under Editor Control" link
EDIT #2: I think it's only happening to the first bold link in sigs for some reason. Definitely seems related to link styling (and/or how Opera parses it) though.

EDIT #3 O_O: Not happening to all bold links either though.

EDIT #4: Just saw an occurrence of it happening outside of sigs - here. Clicking the link Brogan posted in that, causes the exact same effect (or lack thereof)


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Confirmed using Opera 11.00. As Caelum reports it appears to be happening to the first bold link and not the others. I would say this is a browser bug with Opera.


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Yeah, this is definitely an Opera bug. For example, in Vincent's sig, "selling" is clickable, but not the rest.