XF 1.5 open_basedir restriction in effect


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Hi i am having trouble when i upload images to the media gallery. once the upload bar goes 100% I get a error : The following error occurred There was a problem uploading your file.

Also when i go in to admin there is now a server error loggged.

ErrorException: file_exists(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/phptmp/phpPMHWLf) is not within the allowed path(s): (:/clientdata/php/pear-5-6:/websites/dr/droneevolution.com.au) - library/XenForo/Upload.php:91

I have an idea what it is but don t know how to solve it. As far as i know it has something to do with server permissions?
Yes, it's a limitation/setting on the server (open_basedir setting in PHP config).

If you contact your host and show them the error details, they should be able to resolve it for you.
Thank you for the reply. I have contacted the host and they have told me to set the folder restriction to 777 (read/wright). I have done this using Firefox for the data folder but it didn't work.
can anyone tell me which path i have to set to 777 file permission. I don't seem to find the path from the error message. I tried using filezilla search feature to locate the path but no success so far.
This is a path you won't have direct access to, but it's where your host has directed uploads. Hence, this is really something they should change; changing permissions will not sort the issue. If you have the ability to apply a custom php.ini, you may be able to sort it using that (upload_tmp_dir setting), but you really shouldn't have to do that.
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