Open embedded gallery media in lightbox


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With a nifty lightbox navigation in place in the gallery, I fail to understand how the media in forum posts still don't open in a lightbox, at least as an option. If users click on an image, they normally want to focus on that very image. That is what lightboxes are for, and this is why the lightbox was implemented in the gallery. Why would that be less important in our main content area? I don't want them to go away from the post they're currently reading to a totally different area of the site.

Please, at least as an option, offer a lightbox solution for embedded media. Ideally, it would integrate media and attachments to slide through all images inside on post (or on one page).
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yes even for consistency it is good, but they also need to put the bbcode embed links back on there or else, if implemented, there will basically be no copy paste access for full size and thumbs from gallery!

as of now, the only way to get these links at all, is to embed a media item in a post, then click it....or else turn off the lightbox completely.

ive added the suggestion here btw


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This really makes sense as the OP states. I do hope they can implement this across the platform, or at the very least make it an option in the admincp. Presently a very frustrating experience for the viewer thumbing through an embedded media gallery of a post having the screen jump due to varying image sizes.