ooooooo is this new?


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Minor usability suggestion: I would prefer to see those input boxes with the URL/BBCode/HTML be a little wider to show more of the content they contain. I think it gives people a little more confidence about what the text will do if they can see all of it (or at least more of it).


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I don't have this on my site, is it custom for here or is it going to be in 1.1?
I'd love to see a list of new things people find - I've not found anything else that looks 1.1 specific yet - but I guess I'm just not familiar enough with the discussions of what is coming to know which "rocks" to turn over to find those new features.


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We need a list of all new stuff we can play around with :D This is so exciting and fun XD Never been this excited about a forum software.

I just noticed this little pop-up in the bottom-left of my browser window informing me that I had new alerts. Haven't seen that before - is it new, or did I just miss this before?

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New, in 1.1