RM 1.1 Only Certain Usergroup Can Offer Paid Resources?


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Is it possible to allow only certain usergroups to offer paid resources? E.g.,

Registered - can upload free resources
Premium - can upload free/paid resources

Searched and saw some threads suggesting allowing only certain usergroups to download certain resources, but didn't see a question on allowing only premium groups to offer paid resources.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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You would need to control this at the category level.

You would need a category that allows paid resources, and then change the permissions of that category so only the premium group can create resources in that category.


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I see how to do it. If only I didn't have so many categories. :)

Won't be practical for me at the present time, but a usergroup permission--can add external payment URL--would prolly be helpful in a future release.