is a you have alternatives?


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I have used Online.Net for 4 months...a nightmare!!! Server specs was not bad, but support sucks. They are a cheap host, i know, but i have used in the past many cheap hosts (like OVH, Hostgator) that have at least a friendly support team.

The support on Online.Net are NON existent. It seems that the support team of can do nothing to help you. They are very slow to respond you, the responses are very "enigmatic"...and...i tell you my story.

I was in vacation, i have to pay the bill that expire the 15 january. I have the credit card empty, and i return to Italy on the 16 january.

I asked the host to allow me a extra day for paying without shutdown my website. 1 SINGLE DAY. They said me: "No". So on 15 january they shutdown my website. The 16 january i returned in Italy, tried to pay to have my site finally up, without luck.

I have money in my credit card, but i can't pay...i see an error message like that "An error with your card".
I contacted the support, and they said me: "Because 3 days ago your card was empty, the system blocked the card. You have to wait 24 h. I said "Can you please unblock this system? My site is down and i'm losting visitors and trust!". They said me: "We can't do nothing, you have to wait 24 h".

With you can't use Paypal, you can pay ONLY with your card.

I have waited 24 h, tried again to pay the bill with my credit card, another error. I thought: "WTF??? I waited 24 H, what are the problem?"

I waited more than 1 day for the reply...what the problem finally?

"You are using a prepaid card to pay. You have to use a classic credit card to pay." They doesn't make clear this point when i joined, they clearly said this ONLY in one post in a forum!

Please note that i'm using for 4 months, i have paid 4 months with a prepaid card without problems. I have used in the past dozen of hosts that make possible to pay with a prepaid card (and paypal)!
Note that i use this card (a Mastercard card) for everything: pay things online (vacations, items etc.)

So i suggest you to not use, because if you have problems, you will deal with a very unfriendly (and SUPER slow) support team.

So, what do you suggest me? I need a cheap dedicated host (cost 30-50 dollars a month) with at least 3gb of ram and 200gb of disk space. Please no Ovh.
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Yeah i know, they are a low cost alternative to OVH. I've used in the past OVH and Kimsufi without any problems, i simply want to know if there are european cheap alternatives to OVH. :)