One more presale question - on posts

Hi folks!

I'm 99.999% sold on switching forum platforms from PHPBB (ack!) over to XenForo. I'm just trying to line all of my ducks up in a row since I've got a well-established community and when I rock this boat, I want them to LOVE the ride!

My question is about scheduled posts. I saw a thread when searching XenForo that this is currently not a feature (or is it?). This would be HUGE for me. There are so many instances where it would be helpful for me to line up a bunch of posts all at once.

If this does not exist, I would GLADLY pay for someone to create it. If there is a workaround, that would be great also (I notice that XenForo has an RSS feed importer, and also a WordPress bridge plugin thingy).

Thank you all so much for your generous support!