Lack of interest One Central Registration Log to see all unsuccesful registrations.

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Quite often we get support tickets from people who fail to register successfully. There can be many reasons why this happens and most people do not provide much information nor are they capable of understanding what has gone wrong. Troubleshooting this is very hard and tedious.
AFAIK XenForo does not have a log of registration attempts. So if someone does not get past Captcha, username check, or another requirement then there is no way to find out.
We need to check various logs to see if the user is blocked by SFS or another blacklist. Then we need to compare discouraged IPs with the users IP.
If an addon blocks the user then we need to check those logs.

It would be very useful to just have one registration log that combines all information about why users are blocked from registration. Especially if addons could tie into it so that we end up with one master log. One search for the name, IP, email would then expose why the user was not able to complete registration.
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