1. zackw

    ES 2.2 ConnectException cURL 7 - failed to connect to localhost port 9200

    Current versions are 2.2.2 for the plugin and 7.10.2 for Elasticsearch itself. Normally everything runs fine with no logs at all. But starting about Feb 14 to March 9 (today) it's had over 70,200 log entries. Most all of them are like this: XFES\Elasticsearch\ConnectException: cURL error 7...
  2. H

    Improve MySQL write log efficiency

    Any thoughts on improving write log efficiency? I noticed MySQL CPU is spiking up... when IO spikes up. Which makes sense but what I can't figure out is how to improve write log efficiency. -------- Performance Metrics -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
  3. V

    Resource Teams Log 1.0

    This add-on requires XenForo 2.2 and XenForo Resource Manager 2.2.0. This simple add-on for XenForo Resource Manager allows you to log changes to resource teams. Resource teams is a new feature for XFRM 2.2 which enables resource owners to delegate tasks to members of the team they define...
  4. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Log All Moderator Actions 2.3.0

    This add-on is shared with the Xenforo community for free without branding. Donations are welcome by just liking this add-on or leaving a nice review, that's all! :love: This add-on will make it possible to log all moderation related actions to the log, even if the user isn't a real moderator...
  5. Mr. Jinx

    XF 2.1 How to add entry to moderator log?

    I have an addon which I want to log some actions to the moderator log. For example, AbstractController has been extended with some actions. When the user uses one of these actions I want to write something to the moderator log. Is there a service for this, or could someone please point me in the...
  6. CMTV

    Unmaintained Pretty names and values in "User change log"

    When you update any (even custom) column of User entity XenForo automatically adds a new entry to "User change log". The only exception here is using fastUpdate() method. It directly updates the database without calling save() so any changes made that way will not appear in log. Let's say you...
  7. CMTV

    Unmaintained Username change 2.1.1

    Description This addon brings configurable username change functionality to your forum, inluding permissions, managable username change history, "Latest username changes" widget, trophy criteria and with "User change log" support. This is an open source addon. Visit GitHub repository for...
  8. XenConcept

    [XenConcept] Admin Login Log 2.0.1

    This module records all attempts and connections in your admin panel. The following items will be saved : User or Email Login state IP Date / Time You can also set the options to receive an alert every attempt connect.
  9. Alpha1

    Lack of interest One Central Registration Log to see all unsuccesful registrations.

    Quite often we get support tickets from people who fail to register successfully. There can be many reasons why this happens and most people do not provide much information nor are they capable of understanding what has gone wrong. Troubleshooting this is very hard and tedious. AFAIK XenForo...
  10. Lyphiard

    Unmaintained LoginSecurity 1.2.1

    This addon will provide the ability for you to record all login attempts for all users, as well as for administrators. The addon will record information such as the IP address the attempt was made from, the time of the attempt, whether the attempt was successful or not, whether 2FA was required...
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