Old xenforo customer comming back...


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I bought a Xenforo Licence on 09/05/2012 (not sure the version) but never used it. I have formatted my computer a while ago and have no trace of xenforo that I downloaded then.

Now I'd like to download (or perhaps upgrade) the software but the customer portal does not recognize me. I have emailed you a few days ago but you sent me the password to community login instead of the customer portal .

So please let me know:

How can I download the software for which I bought the license?
Is there an upgrade option available? if so, how much does it cost?



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I tried that link but I get
'No customer could be found with that email address.'
While I use the same email that I made the purchase. So I guessed Xenforo just delete accounts older than a year?


XenForo developer
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No, your account exists. I don't know what email you're using though.

I've sent a lost password to your registered email.