XF 2.2 import users only (from old xenforo to new xenforo)

I have installed a new XenForo.
I just want to transfer user information and passwords from the old Xenforo to the new one. (Content and posts will not be transferred)

Please help.

I spoke with support. They told me to use the Importing plugin. But this plugin does not work.

I just want to move user information and passwords (blocked users are still blocked) to the new forum. My previous forum is Xenforo 2.2.
I do not want the content of conversations and forums to be transmitted. (User information only - Username & Password)

I installed the Importer plugin.
But without any error message, this operation will not be performed. (I put the server error for you)

error server log:
2021-05-15 14:31:22.019999 [INFO] [1290779] [] Abort request processing by PID:1412944, kill: 1, begin time: 58, sent time: 58, req processed: 0

I also provide access to the old database to the new server.

Please guide me
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