official vs 3rd party addon's


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Pardon my stupidity,
I have never used xenforo and am considering it.

One of the things I am wondering about and can't seem to easily ascertain is....
how to tell at 1st look which addon's are official and which or 3rd party.

would someone please clarify that for me?

Thank you.
Official addons here
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The Resource Manager is planned to be available as an official addon later on. No date on that though so don't rely on it for your project.
You can see how it works - see Resources on top navbar.

All resources there are 3rd party.
Almost all good quality, good support.
Also the mods here know a lot about them. Unlike other forum software they will help as well as the addon maker. :)

If you want something like Resource Manager immediately try MicroDownloads or Showcase. (Showcase does not do downloads)
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