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According to Dutch law, placing 3rd party cookies without user permission is forbidden. So we have to change things a bit, and I noticed 3rd party cookies are being placed on the forum via media embeds. For example, when you visit https://xenforo.com/community/threads/what-are-you-listening-to.2426/page-109 via incognito mode, you'll notice several YouTube cookies have been placed even without clicking on the accept button.

The cookie notification below is not enough, we have to ask the user for consent. I the user reject cookies, the embed should not be loaded. Perhaps embeds should become click to play. Is this something XenForo is planning to change in the future? If not, what else can we do besides disabling media embeds?
That can be set (allowed or disallowed) in most modern browsers.

And besides. GDPR is annoying beyond words and getting more annoying with each passing day.
That can be set (allowed or disallowed) in most modern browsers.

It doesn't matter. There has to be a cookie notice on the site with opt-in for 3rd party cookies according to that law.

GDPR is annoying beyond words

That's your opinion and I agree with it. But: If that's not implemented into XenForo, it can become very expensive for the forum owner. I know a lot of companies here in Germany who wouldn't use XenForo because it's not confirm with that law.
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