XF 1.4 Notices - multi Selected Navigation Tab


I am now playing with the notices System of Xenforo.
But I stuck at the Point where I want to Show notices on 4 out of 5 pages.

In ACP you have - Page Criteria

Page Information:
  • Selected Navigation Tab is:
ID of selected navigation tab, such as forums, members or help.

Here I tryed to say I want to Show notices on the FORUMS, MEMBERS, HELP Tab

But it doesn`t seem you can specify multiple pages :eek:

Tryed it with semicolom, comma,...

If this is not possible it would be great if a moderator could move this to the Feature Suggestions section.




XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can't specify multiple pages - it's either a specific page or all pages.

You would need to create separate notices for each one.

The suggestion has already been made.
would you please be so Kind and tell me in which class the string (Selected Navigation Tab) is taken?

Then I modify the code to split the text by semicolon.
I don`t want to add on 4 Pages all my notices, only because the lack of this Feature :mad: