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Notice System.


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This request is coming and derived from the Board Message Add-on which, although nice, doesn't do what I require.

Requesting for a talented coder living in Ireland :D (anyone really I'm kidding) that can build a notice system that have the following features.

  1. Notices can be selected to show in specific forums (via forum ID)
  2. Notices can be selected to show to certain usergroup ID
  3. Ability to use html and style via css.
  4. A toggle feature (so members can disable notice) though if the admin sets this has persistent then they won't have toggling ability (some notices I use for guidelines & rules)
  5. Ability to create multiple notices if required.
  6. Avatar displaying in the notice showing who made the announcement.
  7. Integrate a button/link of some kind within the notice that will allow the admin to Mass Alert people of that specific notice, if the announcement, guideline for that forum needs to be read and/or not followed and thus the mass alert serves as a reminder.
They are the basic features though I'm sure with the framework xenforo uses the potential to add in other features would be endless and left to the imagination.

Thanks to anyone willing to entertain this request.


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No need to apologise your add-on enticed me to post this request which is gaining a nice number of likes. Never apologise for submitting resources that help the community.
Just realized something, brits use the s for words like apologise, search engine optimisation while americans replace it with a z lol.


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We use the notices system for several things in vB including as a method to show forum specific Sponsorship ads. Being able to specify users groups AND forums makes it very flexible. I'd love to be able to specify locations as well. Great system.
Just realized something, brits use the s for words like apologise, search engine optimisation while americans replace it with a z lol.

That is probably because North Americans like to score better at Scrabble
When playing in English, we often get stuck with the 'Z's, the least-used letter in the English language.


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Additional option request: Ability to configure who can post notices based on usergroups.

I have a select few groups on my site who I would not mind giving the ability to add notices to specific forums in order to provide my visitors with relevant news.


Half of this is in the "xenfans welcome block", and you gave me some great ideas, I will see what else I can use from this to perhaps expand on the welcome block to turn it more into a notice system.


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anyone working on this? Great idea :)
I don't think anyone has stepped forward but I think sometime in the near future we will see a notice system included into the core product. The thread Grover posted and suggested has got an abundance of likes so you may want to like and insert your input on the subject, same with this request and I know the devs have mentioned it will happen in the future.
I was looking for a good idea to give me a crash course in the XF framework and this task seems pretty well rounded in most areas, I've started work on it now so I'm hoping to have it done by the weekend or sooner. If there's any further details/suggestions you wish to express I'd be greatful - especially with regards to the UI since I'm not the best UI-minded person.

Hopefully I'll get a good head start and it'll give you guys/girls something until XF make this stock :)