Notice System - help

I needed help with notice. In my forums I've shown people which icon is for new posts, and which icon is for already viewed posts. Now my question is, I've activated it when the user us on the "forums" tab, however, I only want it to stay ON that tab. When I go into other categories / threads, it's still at the top of the forum.

To simplify, how do I specify: as the link/page to have it stay?
Works perfect, really appreciate it. Thank you (y)

Maybe you can help me out with another one. If I wanted it to just show on the Home tab, what would be the command I put in?
Ahh, thank you SO much. Your the man. Now I have 1 more question :)

For my Home Notice's, I have 3 of them, 2 of which contain images. Now both images are set at 400W 250H. However, for some reason it expands the picture bigger, thus, ruining how the text is aligned, etc. If you look you'll see what i mean. Especially the 3rd notice "Precision Portfolio", the image isn't even set right in the block, I don't understand why. I copied and pasted the same properties as the first notice "Website Reviews" but I just changed Image / URL paths.
Fixed 1 Problem. I'm retarded and I had the "Add default notice text styling" box checked. Sorry about that. That's the fix for anyone elses similar problem :).

Problem 2: The image gets stretched further than 400px by 250x. Any ideas?