XF 2.2 Notice "blank" on new posts visit sometimes

Black Tiger

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I can't reproduce this, but on some rare occasions when I visit my forum and use the New Posts link (happens in any case when no new posts are available) then I get a popup in Firefox stating "Blank" just as if you clicked something to download.
So yes, I can select to either download it or open in with something.

When I select to open it in Firefox it shows me a blank page with this url:

Investigating this file in this temp folder shows that it's a 0 byte file and it's totally empty indeed. I checked with notepad++ by opening it.

As said, it's only once a while I've seen this.

Below this notice, the normal "new posts" page is visible, so it's not like I'm getting a completely blank page instead of the new posts page.
I don't know if it happens with a different browser as I don't user other browsers to visit my forums.
I thought maybe somebody had experienced this too.

I've cleaned my browser cache quite recently. But still.... browser cache do some odd things some times. It's only once a while, so I can't say it would not be the cache. I'm not worried either.

Just curious if somebody else experienced this before and might know what it is. If I'm the only one, it's fine with me then it's a local problem. If somebody else has seen it, then I'm not the only one and maybe they know a probable cause.
But since it's only once a month or once in 2 months, I'm not alarmed. No malware present either.
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