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XF 1.5 Notice feature not working.

Hello, I have set a notice today and it isn't displaying. It has worked previously so I am not sure why it isn't working now.

Here are the notice settings:
Notice Error (1).png
Notice Error (2).png
Notice Error (3).png

I have only taken screenshots of the settings I have changed.

When no criteria is selected. This is how it is displayed:
Notice Error (4).png
Notice Error (5).png

I don't know if it helps, but the images are a screenshots from a laptop.

How come it is loading like the bottom two images when no criteria is selected? It never loaded like that before... It's breaking the layout of my forums.

Also, if they are excluded, why are they options?

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Also, if they are excluded, why are they options?
He didn't say "excluded" but "exclusive". Means that you can use only one or the other, not both.
If you want one for each, then create a notice for each condition. When you select multiple choices, then they ALL have to apply (typically) - there is not an either/or choice for most of them.