XF 1.5 Notable members post count drop


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I've noticed that one of my notable members has dropped post count from 1000+ posts to under 1000.

At first I put this down to upgrading to XF1.5 and it recounting their posts, with various soft deletes etc over time being now recounted.

But in the last few days the count has dropped another 14 posts.

The user in question doesn't have delete post or mod permissions.

I've checked my moderator and admin logs and cannot see any action by other members with that level of access recently.

Probably something simple, what am I missing?


XenForo developer
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XenForo does not "recount" posts; an upgrade would not change a user's post count.

Only posts/threads being deleted would actually change it within XF. This could be from an action that might not obviously delete a thread (such as merging posts, deleting a resource if the options are set a specific way, etc). Those won't necessarily be logged as post deletions.