XF 1.5 Not able to receive confirmation email

T Money

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I have changed my original "Default Email Address" and "Contact Email Address", and enabled "Email Confirmation".

After doing this now I am not receiving any confirmation request emails from new members, although this new email is working just fine otherwise.

I would like all emails, confirmation requests or otherwise, to be sent and received at this new email address.

Am I missing something?


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Am I missing something?
I think so - why do you expect to receive confirmation emails?
The confirmation emails are sent to your new members email address, and they click a link within the email to confirm their registration.
You'd only get the confirmation email if it was bounced back by the mail server to your 'Bounced Email Address'


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The confirmation emails go to the members signing up, not you.

If you want to approve them, disable email confirmation and enable manual approval.

T Money

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Still having a problem here.

Yes TwistedMerlin -- that is what I mean. For some reason I am not receiving any notification emails when new members sign up and await approval.

Brogan as you suggested I disabled email confirmation and enabled manual approval-- now the new user do NOT get the confirmation email, AND I still do not get any notification.

So now I just turned the email confirmation back on, so new users will be able to confirm. Just need to figure out how myself as admin to get notified so I can approve them.



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As it stands, there is no email notification of a user awaiting approval. You will see an entry in the bar at the top of every page when there is one pending though.