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XF 1.1 [Noob question] Show private forum

Big Dan

Active member
Hi Guys,

I have two off topic forums. One is general off topic the second is an opt-in political forum. Right now, only members of 10 posts plus can see the off topic boards and no one can see the political forum except staff and people with "political forum" as an additional group.

I'd like to show the political forum to 10 posts plus members so they can see the description and ask to be included but not have them able to view threads. What permissions would I set?

I would like to follow up on this question. I have the issue where the basic registered user is given "View Node" access which would apply to all nodes unless Revoked. A subsequent node then revokes all of the RU's rights. This causes the node to disappear from the forum view as it should. However, I want the RU to be able to see the node (but listed as private). If I set the "View Node" to Allow or Inherit for that specific Node it appears as private but if the user clicks on it they get to see all the threads in a supposedly private node. They can't see posts in the threads, just the thread list (number of replies, views, last poster etc) but that defeats the purpose. They are not suppose to be able to go into the "private" node at all.

I have also tried ticking the "private node" option inside the Node Permissions menu. Makes no difference as the node appears as "private" on the forum view but the user can still go in and see the thread list.

Any thoughts on what I could have done wrong? Thanks.


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If I understand correctly, you want to be able to show a forum title to a user but not the contents of it? Correct?
Yes, I want the Node to appear on the main forum view (as Private) but the RU should not be able to go in and see anything.

I just realized I have this working for another Node and the settings;
(1) User group permission is set to Allow for "View", "View Node", "View Threads by Others".
(2) Node Permissions Revokes all rights accept "View Node" which is set to Allow.

Both nodes are the first level after a Category and neither are ticked as Private. I cannot fathom what the difference is between the two nodes. Both show as Private on the main index view. Yet for one the RU can not see any listed threads (as it should be) and other one he can.


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If I understand correctly, this is the same issue I had. I also had two nodes with the seemingly same setup - one was properly private whereas for the other node the users could somehow see the threads inside it. (Like you, I also had the "View node" set to allow, so that users could see that the forum existed.)

I solved it by changing everything that was previously "Revoke" to be "Never" instead.
Did you set the Node Permissions to Never and left "View Node" to Allow? Good suggestion and I tried it but it doesn't seem to have made any difference unfortunately.


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Did you set the Node Permissions to Never and left "View Node" to Allow? Good suggestion and I tried it but it doesn't seem to have made any difference unfortunately.
Ah, no I meant to say I set the usergroup permissions for the node (for those usergroups that shouldn't have access) to Never. (And Allow for those that should, obviously.)
That wouldn't work for me I think. If I set that usergroup to Never they won't have access to any node?

Maybe I am approaching this in a strange way.

I have 4 access usergroups that are always primary. They grant users "View", "View Node" and everything else. Then I have a bunch of other functional usergroups. When I want a node restricted and only give access to a particular functional usergroup I revoke the rights of all access groups and ALLOW those same rights for the function group.

So unless a node is function-specific it is open to all.

The reason for this is that the primary usergroup and the functional usergroup are two different pieces of information (titles) that I want to keep track of for each user.


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Sorry, I lied apparently. I had set it to Revoke after all. I'm not sure now how I solved the problem, but I did have the same problem as you, where two forums had the same permission setup, and one worked as intended, whereas the other did not.

I think I use the same approach as you with primary and functional usergroups, like you described.
My guess is that somewhere else I have something set to Allow that is causing the threads to be visible in a private forum, heh, just can't find the dang thing.

What is annoying is that the setting "View Threads by Others" is the most obvious setting that relates to this. Yet I definitely revoke that right and for this particular user I am using as a test dummy he only has one usergroup activated; registered user. So this isn't an issue of one usergroup overriding another in Node Permissions.