XF 1.4 Non-Existent Phrases


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There were some add-ons we recently uninstalled that had some of their phrases customized, but regardless of whether they're from an add-on or not, is there a way to search for phrases that are no longer being called anywhere?

Jon W

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I have an add-on that I've built that allows you to view all orphaned phrases, although as Mike says it does show false positives if the phrases are called in PHP or template modifications. There isn't really an easy way to include those.

Please PM me if you are interested though.


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No. That sort of thing isn't strictly possible as phrases are called dynamically in PHP as well.
Thank you, Mike.

Searching for translated phrases is the way to go, then. It's just a matter of figuring out which ones were from an add-on or ones you created that are no longer used. :)