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Allan submitted a new resource:

Nodes Icon Tweak - - Nodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default icons of your nodes. (Read, unread, pages a

Nodes Icon Tweak allows you to easily change the default icons of your nodes. (Read, unread, pages and links)

You can use:

  • Font Awesome Nodes icons
  • icons from server

Features Awesome Nodes Icons:

  • Ability to set node icon size
  • Ability to set node icon color
  • Icon preview
  • Select the Font Awesome directly from a dropdown menu...
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Thank you Alfa1 !

- load icons from sprite
That would be possible yes.

- use different sprites for each part of the node tree. (reduces sprite size)
Please explain this one, I didn't get it.

Well I could add new font icon libraries but I tend to think that this would become a bit unusable.
Currently there are 519 icons with font awesome, which make it a big big big list, though I could make it in a different way than the checklist.
This raises different concerns:
  • Up/down layers, transform and animation wouldn't be supported anymore as they don't seem to be part of fontello.
  • There are redondant icons in the different libraries.
  • Picking each of the icons to get the full zip would take tremendous time.
This need to be discussed a bit further I think...



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Hi Clément, nice to see you here.
Please explain this one, I didn't get it.
I have 500+ nodes. If there is one sprite with node icons for 500 nodes then that is 1000 icons in one sprite.
But there are many examples of icons that are never loaded together.

Lets say you have a structure like this:

- parent node 1
-- child node 1
--- sub child node 1
--- sub child node 2
--- sub child node 3
-- child node 2
--- sub child node 4
--- sub child node 5
--- sub child node 6

In the example above the node icons of sub child node 1,2 and 3 will always be seen together. But never together with subchild node 4, 5 and 6.

In general there will be one set of node icons that is visible on forum index. And then there are subsets that are only visible in a specific part of the node tree.
It makes sense to put those in separate sprites so that we dont have to load sprites with unused icons.


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Yeah, stopped working on vB stuff beginning of the year but Allan took me out of my cave and proposed me to work with him on xF stuff (he does styles and handle all customer interface, and I code add-ons), so I said why not :)
Well I understood what you ask for the sprite, guess it's feasible as I let admin set / category so you would be able to input different sprites.

On the other end, I am not sure of what to do with the different font icons request... Not sure this is that relevant with the already 519 icons of font awesome...

Don't hesitate to provide more feature request here or on our forum and to buy the products if interested he he he.

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Thanks @Allan for dragging clement out of his cave.
We need him here. :D

In regards to icons: FA is very cool but it lacks icons for wiki, it's groups icon needs improvement to state it gently, and there have been many occasions were we have been staring at the font awesome icons for hours trying to find an icon for a community functionality. It's in this niche that font awesome is pretty thin.


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Well, if I was to integrate more icons then this would need some sorting among all the ones that fontello provides...

I am not really sure I'll do this right know unless someone proposes to :D


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Freshly installed today. Works like a charm. Also works seamlessly with Audentio UIX Framework (at the first glance). Very elaborated for the first release. I would strongly recommend a # field for "websafe" HTML icon colors in future updates.


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Allan updated Nodes Icon Tweak - with a new update entry:

New features v1.1.0

New features v1.1.0 :
  • New category configuration option to load Node Icon from sprite image with live preview
  • Color pickers now contains an input field with the # color
  • New category configuration option to use Custom Font Node Icons created @ Fontello -> Select any icon in the library Fontello (thousands of icons available!)

View attachment 105477
View attachment 105478
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Hey guys, regarding all 519 icons of Font-Awesome,
Some time ago I've been thinking that would be great use only the icons that we need. in my case, around 10 icons only. here my thread
I'm seeing that with this new version of your addon we can use Fontello.
Using your addon and uploading only few icons from Fontello (fontawesome icons) and load only the CSS to these icons can increase the performance right?
There are some guidelines to upload few icons and do this in Xenforo?


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With the new version you can indeed use Fontello and select a set of icons from Font Awesome as well as it supported by Fontello (however you won't have the animation features I added specifically for Font Awesome in the first release).

But yes this will increase performances as your font files will be smaller.

Not sure I understood your last sentence about guidelines ?!