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Nodes As Tabs 1.5.1

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First, love the add-on!

But having a little trouble after a recent software update.

The tabs show up perfectly here:
View attachment 151054

But then once you select a node, the navigation items disappear:

View attachment 151055

In that screenshot I would expect to see a 'General' tab but it's not there. Is 'General' setup as a node tab in your Admin CP? It should create a tab and that tab should become selected when you visit that forum (or forums under it).

If you are still having the problem then I might need to take a look. Send me a PM with a URL and admin login.
Hmm ... XF2 does provide most of the functionality out of the Box?

Yep, almost all.

On initial examination the addon features not in XF2 are:

- unread counter for node nav items
- optional permission checking for node nav items
- column presentation for the subtree

Additional features I might consider adding include:

- different popup menu trigger (it is not uncommon that people want auto-popup on hover, and for the entire tab to trigger the popup not just the right arrow)

That's all I can think of right now.

It's worth noting that the use of nodes in this addon was really due to a lack of a good nav system in XF1. XF2 already has a good nav system. Perhaps a XF2 version would be better named something like "Enhanced Navigation" since it really has nothing necessarily to do with nodes.
Could we see an update that will allow the use of font awesome icons instead of text?
Also could we see an update to change the core links such as forum, resources, members, help etc from text to font awesome icons?
@Jake Bunce

Does this work on the new Xenforo 2.0
And/Or is there planned support for this once the official support XF 2.0 comes?

If the author or anyone knows the answer that would be great!

This is a XF1 addon only right now.

I have been very busy and may not even bother updating the addon for XF2 since XF2 already reproduces most of the same functionality.
On the latest version of XF 1.X, it won't install. Throws the error that the XML file can't be read.

I have tested a fresh install on XF 1.5.17 and do not have this problem.

The error you describe sounds like you might have uploaded the files to the wrong location.
This add-on isn't required in XF2, but you'll need to manually port configuration to the 'navigation' system
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