XF 2.0 Node permission inheritance


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I could have sworn nodes in XF 1 inherited permissions from their parent node, but in XF 2 they don't. If this is a bug, I must have missed it. If it's not, I've lost my mind again and is why I'm not posting it as a bug. :)

As an example:
Create a category
Set administrative permissions to all 'Yes'
Leave registered permssions as inherit

Create a forum in the new category
Leave administrative permissions as inherit

Now log in as a different user (registered member) and post in the new forum.

Change the registered user permission for the FORUM to all 'NO' except for 'Can view node' and 'View threads by others', leave them as yes.

Now try to view the thread as an admin. You can't, even though the parent category has all permissions set to 'Yes'.

Chris D

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This works the same as XF2. The terminology has changed, slightly. "No" is equivalent to "Revoke". So you're revoking the post permissions for any member of the "Registered" group and because all members are probably part of the registered group (including admins) you're revoking it from them too.

Here's Analyze permissions from XF1:

And XF2:



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Hmm.. on my XF1 install if admin permissions are set like I describe, I can view the thread.

In XF 2, I can't.

I'll look closer at it tomorrow in both versions to see what's going on. I know I don't have any add-ons or edits that would modify how permissions work on XF1 or 2.