XF 2.2 Inheritance of extra.less between parent and child styles


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So I created style A first and got everything in extra.less. Then I created style B as a child of A.

Style A
-- Style B

The content of extra.less of B got inherited from that of A. Then I edited something in B.

After that I added a new line in A. But that line won't automatically get inherited to B?

So the inheritance only happens the first time B was created? Any changed, added to A after that will not be inherited to B?
Once you've modified a template in a child style, changes to that same template in the parent style won't be automatically applied to the child style - you need to merge them in the "outdated templates" screen.
On this screen you can tell XF to automatically merge templates, but there will still be instances where manual intervention is required. If you have mis-matching templates between parent/child, then the style system can have trouble figuring out where to place the lines that the child style is supposed to inherit.

This should be the case for all templates btw, not just extra.less
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