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I'd like to hire a developer to create an add-on that enables child threads. If you're interested in this project, please message me privately with a cost and time quote.


One forum will hold parent threads and another (child) forum will hold the child threads. These threads will be used for stories with chapters.


Within the admincp Add Forum and Edit Forum screens, I will need a way to specify:
  • If this is a forum for parent threads
  • Which forum should hold the parent's child posts

Parent Thread

The parent thread is a standard article thread with a few changes that are outlined in red and numbered below. These changes are:

1) A "Create a new chapter" button that is visible only to the thread author. Clicking this button will allow the author to create a new post in the child thread forum.

2) A widget that lists and links the parent page and all the child pages in order. It should also indicate read/unread status for each thread and which page the user is currently visiting. This widget will be used on the parent page and all child pages.

I would also like to give the author the ability to reorder the child posts, preferably with drag and drop. I'm not sure of the best way to accomplish that part and am open to suggestions.

3) A button that links to the first child post. This will only appear after the first child post is created and published.


Child Threads

The child threads serve as the chapters for the parent thread. They are standard article threads with a few changes that are outlined in red and numbered below. These changes are:

4) The last entry in the breadcrumb should be the parent thread. The child forum (where the child chapter is located) should not be shown in the breadcrumb.

5) New widget that pulls information from the parent thread. It is very similar to the standard preview display style for article forum thread lists.

a) Pulls the image from the parent thread. This should be linked to the parent thread.
b) A short blurb from the parent thread
c) A "Watch for new chapters" button. It should allow users to subscribe (or unsubscribe) to the parent thread. The text on the button should change depending in if the user is already watching or unwatching, just like the standard watch/unwatch button.

6) This is the same widget as #3 in the parent thread age.

7) These are buttons visible only on the child threads that allow the user to Navigate through the pages. The first button will link to the previous thread and the second button will navigate to the next page. If it is the last page, the second button won't be shown.

8) A simple header div that appears below the post to mark the beginning of the comments section.

9) (Not shown in mock-ups) Users should not be able to directly access the thread list for the child threads forum. If they try to access, they should be directed to the parent forum's thread list.


Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any questions.
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