Node capabilities


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You can move nodes around in the tree as you wish.

In terms of archiving, I'm not sure what you're after there. You can disable posting in individual forums without issue.
My thought here is the ability to retire a node and it's sub nodes annually... say to an node designated as achived Node... Keeping something like a timeline of discussions from year to year... having the same node structure in the current year as each of the retired nodes.. each year building then retiring at end of year...
Just tried it by using Category... seems to work... Forum and sub forum moved into Archive category... By changing parent node... Now I would like to know if I can duplicate a node with all settings of the node to another node location but it would forums be blank. Possible?


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I wish it was. I have several times asked for someone to do an addon for this - it would be so helpful when creating new nodes in general apart from your Archive project.
We could try again posting it as a suggestion to the developers area.