Fixed No way to logout if javascript is disabled...

Liam W

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So, I just disabled javascript to test something, and I noticed there was no logout link at all. Anywhere. El Zilcho. Nothing.

Am I missing something?

This is in bug reports as it is, technically, a bug/oversight...

(Obviously, you can go to /logout manually, but people don't know that)


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I've added a log-out link to the account page sidebar.

For reference, to hide something to JS-enabled pages (which in this case I have not done, as the link is a reasonable addition anyway), you need to reference the code like this:

.hasJs [element_to_be_hidden] { display: none; }


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I've added a log-out link to the account page sidebar.
I noticed you added an extra section class instead of appending it to the settings list elements, so there is some top margin above the logout link. Looks a bit weird, although I'm assuming you did that on purpose for some visual separation between the other links. I was wondering whether it's more appropriate to have that logout link under the account heading at the bottom instead of settings. Your Account -> Log Out seems to make more sense than Settings -> Log Out, but then it means it's another link that pushes down the settings group further...


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I just figured that it was slightly more obvious isolated at the bottom of the list rather than stuck in the middle of the list, but I can see the logic either way.