"No Upgrade Available" when upgrading from beta 5 to beta 6

Adrian Mester

New member
I'm trying to upgrade a forum from beta 5 to beta 6.
I unpacked the files per the instructions (xenforo_1.0.0-Beta-6.zip/upload/ -> example.com/forum/), overwriting all files, but when going to the install page, I get this message:

No Upgrade Available
You are already running the current version (1.0.0 Beta 5). To do a fresh install, click here
Also the forum isn't closed after uploading the files.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
It sounds as if you haven't uploaded the files to the correct place.
As soon as you upload the new files the forum will become unavailable and that message will change to one prompting you to upgrade.

Adam Carem

New member
I'm having the same problem upgrading to 1.02

I copied everything to the right place, I just extracted it all in to my Xenforo root and changed the main directories to 0777, then once done changed these back to 0755.

I get to the upgrade screen but all I see is this:

No Upgrade Available

You are already running the current version (1.0.1). To do a fresh install, click here

Adam Carem

New member
Check that you uploaded the correct package to the correct directory.

All I done was first uploaded the relevant files in the package required for upload, then I changed the directories to Install, JS, Library, and Styles to 0777 and uploaded the Folders too.

Once uploaded, http://www.example.com/install wouldn't work so I changed these folder permissions back to 0777.

Then that screen came up telling me No Upgrade Available.

Could you kindly advise if there is anything I done wrong in the above steps? I am using cPanel file manager.

Would it be that I need to individually go in to each folder and upload each file (it would take a hell of a long time).