XF 1.2 No more than 10,000 characters ERROR

How does Xenforo count characters?
I just posted an interview that I got the error, you can't post a message with more than 10,000 characters.

So I cut and paste into Word to check.
The message has 1,832 words with 9,885 characters WITH Spaces or 7,969 without Spaces

So why does this message pop up when I am only using 9,885 characters?

You could of course increase the message character limit if 10,000 isn't enough.

ACP > Options > Messages > Maximum Message Length
Thanks for the setting location. I would've thought 10,000 would be plenty.
But maybe not for a long article or Interview. I really didn't want to divide into parts.



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Is there a possibility to set different message length for some forums? e.g. forumA 10000 characters, forumB 5000 characters, ...?


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I'm posting so that I can come back to this in the future. This may be useful to me in the future, should I have interviews.