XF 1.2 No custom avatar import during XF to XF import

Lone Wolf

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I'm just doing a test XF to XF import and I've realised that nobody had any custom avatars anymore.

During my vb3 to XF import, I remember an option to import custom avatars but there's no option to import custom avatars during and XF to XF import.

How do I import custom avatars?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
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Avatars are incorporated into the user module of that import system. There isn't a separate avatar module. If the avatars failed to import then perhaps you entered the wrong paths on the config step. It asks you for the paths to data and internal_data for the source forum. That is where avatars are stored.

Lone Wolf

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Ok that makes sense. I left both blank because it wasn't accepting the paths I was putting in.

How do i express the path if the data folder is in public_html/forums/data


XenForo developer
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In general, you'd want a full absolute path (/home/site/public_html/forums/data, for example). Otherwise, you can write a relative path, but it needs to be relative based on the directory XF has been installed in (the one you are running the import on).

Note that if you're importing from a totally different site on the same server, you may need to download the files from their old location and reupload them to the "target" site (and enter the new path).