No configurable database prefix?


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I'm looking through the XF source files and notice a lot of hard-coded database queries that do SELECT FROM xf_

Seems odd to see a hard-coded table prefix. Are there no plans to allow a configurable database prefix?


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Ok, good deal. I mainly just needed to know for modding purposes. If there were a database prefix setting somewhere, I wanted to make sure I used it, but I couldn't find one anywhere.


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I would like to "bump" this and maybe add it as a suggestion.

I'm fortunate in that on my current servers, I have access to unlimited databases I can create for each project or product. But on another account, I have only a limited number of databases available, meaning some sites have to share a database. If I needed to install another instance of XF, I would be out of luck.

Maybe it would be something down the road to consider adding...


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Had to use xf_ for arrowchat database prefix for xenforo. Found this thread during a search when I got stuck. Thanks.