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Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by SatGuyScott, May 26, 2014.

  1. SatGuyScott

    SatGuyScott Active Member

    I am spending my memorial day holiday converting from vBulletin 4.2.2 to Xenforo. Had no issues moving 3 million posts over the Xenforo. :)

    I got almost everything working but I have a few issues because of NGINX. I am no NGINX expert and my NGINX expert is sick in the hospital. :(

    Here are my issues...

    1) My XenForo is installed in /xen/ off the root (vBulletin was installed in /) - How do I forward all connections to index.php and forum.php while still being able to access the other files ad directories in the / folder. (Meaning if anyone goes to http://www.mywebsite.com, http://www.mywebsite.com/forum.php or http://www.mywebsite.com/index.php they are instead taken to http://www.mywebsite.com/xen - Or in the case of the forum.php they go to http://www.mywebsite.com/xen/forums/)

    2) I used the vb4 redirectrion add on (http://xenforo.com/community/resources/vbulletin-4-x-url-redirection.120/) and while its working instead of taking threads indexed at Google to http://www.mywebsite.com/xen/threads/threadurl.212312 it is taking the /xen/ out which is weired because people can see the message but since the /xen/ is missing there is no CSS.

  2. LPH

    LPH Well-Known Member

  3. SatGuyScott

    SatGuyScott Active Member

    The only redirect that contains is the one for Friendly URL's.
  4. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    rewrite /(forums.php)$ /xen/index.php last;
    in the
     location / { 
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  5. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

  6. Da Bookie Mon

    Da Bookie Mon Well-Known Member

    He's a Sat guy.. You'll need to wait til Saturday! Geees my jokes are getting almost as bad as yours!

    Anyway, what Tracy posted should fix the issue.
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  7. SatGuyScott

    SatGuyScott Active Member

    Sorry for the delay Tracy, been busy since the conversion fixing things. :)

    To be honest I didn't try it (because I didn't see it until now) but one of my members figured it out for me. He wrote a rewrite rule and also a redirect.php file that I put in my root directory. Now all my links on Google are being redirected correctly. :)
  8. Tracy Perry

    Tracy Perry Well-Known Member

    OK.. was curios as that is basically what I use to rewrite a call to robots.txt to the sitemap robots.php add-on. It should work without needing another .php file anywhere for the rewrite (other than the index.php that it points at, which should already exist).

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