Newsletters - do they help?


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I am looking into the topic of creating a newsletter for my forum, and would like to hear the experiences of others who have created one. I've come across Sendy today, which is supposed to cut the cost down of sending out emails to like $1 for 10K, so the ROI of setting up a newsletter might be worthwhile.

What are your experiences in having a newsletter for your site? Did it give a spike in traffic? Did it help grow user engagement? Any learning experiences you care to share?


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Newsletters are 1995, and I think for most users they just don’t work. I moved to deliver via WhatsApp and push notifications


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Newsletters tend to bring in some traffic, depending on the content and userbase it can be a hit or miss. Offer valuable content on the newsletter, and you'll see that they work.


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I run a college sports forum and when we had Threadloom, we saw fantastic engagement off of the weekly emails we sent out. It was a bummer when they shuttered that. Really wish there was core functionality like that built into XF.

Just a simple place to enter a "State of the Union" update blurb for the week followed by "Here is what you've missed out on this week:" and then a list of the X top threads. Bonus points would be to have a block for most active poster of the week and upcoming member birthdays, events, etc.
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