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Cory Booth

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I see alot about a CMS.

While I may have different needs than others.... I feel between a blog and forum, most of my "content needs" are basically met.

So what I REALLY need is a news "portal" page.

I am an old school CMS guy and I started with Snitz and then moved to SOOPPortal (ASP).

One thing SOOP did right (still today) was a News Portal main page.
This was not a seperate CMS or Article page, it was basically a collection of Posts from designated forums. You could put a publish and unpublish date to each forum post.

So what would happen is - say you had a Current events forum and a Past event forum.
The first 6 or 10 posts in the Current Events would show up in the news portal page with a 90x90 icon as well (made from the first image attached to the forum post)....

When the unpublish date was met, the forum post would be moved from current to past and thus removed from the front page portal - automatically.

This way you could "pre-load" a bunch of events and the site could remain current as time went forward.

Right now using my current software (ahem). I have to make a forum post, upgrade it to an article, and then reformat the display. But I also have to set dates and manually move the threads around. So it is still a hands on effort.

So basically your CMS is built from Forum Posts rather than seperate articles....

Throw in a couple "side boxes" and you got the best CMS ever! IMO....

Cory Booth

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Let me rephase (I was in a Sharepoint class - send the hate mail LOL)....

Anyways... One thing I think makes a good site splash page (for atleast what I do) is a consolidated area of important items and events. Calendars, recent posts, "News Articles" etc...
With VB3 I had that with the CMPS mod - but it still lacked the functionality I found with ancient ASP portals.
With VB4 I THOUGHT the CMS was going to answer the mail, but instead it seemed like a third-party Joomla engine slapped on the awesome original engine. Anyways...
But it did do one thing sort of right, promote Forum or Blog to CMS. But the lack of integration of forum/blog comments with the "promoted" article and the overly complex layout is just a mess.


I look at it like this....

Have the CMS. But also have it so you can link it to a forum or blog. Also have it so you can either assign a news "images" or pull the first image form the forum as the news image.
This way you can display on the frontpage the amount of view, replys and other information along with the "article"...

Throw in the ability to auto pull articles from specific blogs or forums and add a publish/unpublish date and I think (again for my purposes) it would be perfect.

What I don't like with my current setup, is I have a calendar of events, which I have to build a forum for, and then if it's something "important" I have to make an "article" so it has impact on the front page.
So I basically do three entries for one thing.

Here is the IMO - the perfect layout for a CMS/Portal frontpage (news.jpg). You can select how many of the entries you want 2 column, then after that it switches to one article per row.

You'll notice that the articles are tied to forum posts and also present the Views/Comments counts....

Also the Recent threads column (similar to CMPS) - recent.jpg

and the "Member Block" - block.jpg

OK - a bit overwhelming I know, just trying to get my thoughts out here....

I can say this, these are the things I have missed ever since ditching ASP and going with PHP....


Cory Booth

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Oh... Don't get me wrong.... I totally understand... Just trying to get my thoughts out there to maybe give an idea or two that might make it in the hopper... I am just so excited to see an alternative coming alive with "real" talent behind it.

I have tried so many other CMS's from Joomla, Jaws, Drupal, Mambo, DotNuke, you name it.... I've tried it... But were some excelled - they lacked in other areas.

For me and what I do.... A Forum, Gallery (structured nearly identical like the forum with categories), tightly integrated Calendar, and then a splash page (CMS/Portal - whatever suits you) that summerizes the important areas is absolutely what I need.

So all just a suggestion... That all... But if it becomes reality in the future.... You can charge whatever you like - I'll buy it! :)


I really like this idea, it's all I need too. A simple way to have a page which includes highlighted forum posts.