Newcomer Needs a Little Help with a Simple(?) Loop



I'm pretty new to PHP, but I figured this shouldn't be too difficult; I'm having trouble working with XenForo's classes/setup, unable to really find what I need.

In short, I run a Minecraft server which makes use of a handy little plugin called JSONAPI, which allows me to pass arguments to the server securely from any PHP script/application.

I've been following the tutorials section here, borrowing any parts that seem relevant to making a simple add-on, but I've got myself pretty stuck in looping through users.

Essentially I want to loop through all my forum users, checking:

  • That they have filled in their Minecraft username in the custom user field (id 'minecraft')
  • Their highest ranked user group (of which I have 5; Member, Donator, VIP, Staff, Admin)
Donator / VIP ranks are paid upgrades, and I'd like the loop to put members of those groups into the same-name group on the Minecraft server, which would be run every 5 minutes as a CronEntry so that players who purchase these options almost immediately get their server account upgraded.

This loop should also then revert players back to the Member group within 5 minutes of their forum upgrade expiring if based on highest rank.
I got XF setup with Eclipse PDT today, but even then I've not been able to see what/where the options I might need are.

If anyone can lend a hand, I'd be most appreciative. (Don't worry about the JSONAPI stuff, that much I know how to do, I have a non-cron standalone script that already upgrades guest players to a member)


A good example for looping through user accounts is the promotion cron:


That script selects all users who have been active in the last 3 days then checks to see if they qualify for a new promotion.

For the sake of immediacy you kind of need to process all users every time, as opposed to processing based on last_activity which can take up to an hour to update in the user record. Processing all users is a waste and has potential to exceed server limits, but only if you have several thousand users. If you have thousands of users and memory is a concern then you can refer to this updated version of that script that I posted (which helps with maximum memory usage):
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