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XF 1.3 New users "Awaiting confirmation" issue

Hey, I just got XenForo yesterday and since then I've been working on setting up my site. As of now, only the staff know the website and have joined. The issue with that is, whenever a user joins, they get a message in an email "Your account is now awaiting confirmation" or something. When I go to List Users in the Admin Control Panel and click on the user's name, from the box I select Valid and they can post and whatever. Is there a way to disable this? Sorry, I'm new to XenForo, haha, so I have no idea how to disable this. I can't accept every single user that joins the website.


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That means exactly what it says. However, they should be taking care of it via the confirmation e-mail they get, not you.
Ah, I see. I just signed up to my website with another email, and Google (Gmail) defines the confirmation email as spam? Is there a way to... stop this or...?


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I'm on an EOL platform at the moment. We get this all the time with gmail & hotmail but only in the last 12 months or so. I was assuming something had changed in accepted standards with email as we've have had no development for 3 years & are now no longer compliant. Outgoing mails from forum failing to be rfc2822 complaint is what we get on the bounce backs.