Cannot reproduce  New User Signup Confirmation not working.


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When I signed up, I typo'd my email address. So of course I never got the confirmation email.

However, I was able to log in and as far as I can tell, view everything, etc.

So when I realized what I had done, I made the changes in my profile, got the new confirmation email that the website said was required to validate the changes.

I clicked the link in that email and got the message that confirmation was not required.

So all in all, it created the account and didn't actually require good information. As well as that confirmation didn't appear to work correctly the second time either.


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Actually, it sounds very user-friendly to me.
I think the point he's trying to make is that there appears to be a bug: The user can input a non-valid email address to start with, then input another email address, and it doesn't matter whether that second email address is valid or not, he/she'll be confirmed anyway.

At the very least the message he received the second time should have said "Thank you for validating your new email address." not "Confirmation was not required." :)


Oh, i see. .. Yeah, signing up fake, then entering another fake email, THEN being able to post .. that sounds like a bug. You should not be confirmed by that in my opinion. Mind you, I did not try to reproduce this.


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That sounds like the behavior you might see from getting the link to load twice, but I'll have to check it. Unless it broke, there is email confirmation when changing your email address.

...Oh actually, I think I have an idea.