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New User Post Restrictions 1.1.2

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Siropu submitted a new resource:

New User Post Restrictions - Allows you to set post restrictions for new users by post count or registration days.

Allows you to set 24 Hrs post limit and disallow posting things you don't want such as certain words, websites, etc. You can set restrictions based on the user post count or based on the days has been registered.

The restrictions can be set from Options > New User Post Restrictions

When a user has reached the post limit or he/she posts something that has been disallowed, the user will get an error in the XF errorOverlay.

I only tested it on XF 1.4 so I don't know if it will work on older...
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I will see what I can do about the screenshots. As for the 24 hours post limit time frame, in version 1.0.0 you can't change it but I just implemented that and will update soon.


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Hi Siropu, thanks for your addon.
this is the content of the folder: "NewUserPostRestrictions"

so, we have to create the "siropu" folder and upload it into library?


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hi mate. thanks for this addon.
i was just wondering. after 24 Hrs post limit and disallow posting things for a new members. will the limit and disallow be automatically lifted after those 24 hours?
like after the 24 hours is up, the new member can start posting links etc?

or do we have to manually lift the restrictions per new user.


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Hi, You are welcome.

If you set "Minimum posts" or "Minimum Days Registered", the restrictions will apply only to those users and until the requirements are met. After that, restrictions will be lifted automatically.

The post limit is to prevent new users posting like crazy. You can disable the post limit by setting it to 0 or you can set the time frame (hours) to a higher value.


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thanks mate.

i was thinking in a way like, lets say a spammer registers, and they start posting unwanted links. i see you have a section with-in your mod for those spammers not to be able to post links yeah?
for a forum with next to no moderators, your mod would hold them (spammers/haters) off till someone comes online.
with the restrictions lifted automatically, we just install your mod, set it up, and thats it yeah?