XF 1.5 New thread how long to link from index


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When I make a new thread in any node, its not working on the forum index.


Test 2 topic is the name of the thread

when you are looking at it from the forum list or index and click on the latest post its not taking me to the thread its showing /post/0

How do I fix it? I have downloaded and reinstall Xenforo from a fresh zip. I have disabled all plugins, When I run the cron "Rebuild Board Totals Counter" it does nothing for it.

The only way I can make it link is rebuilding the forum information cache manually.


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Latest posts will only show posts you haven't read.

Recent posts will list new, read threads.


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For some reason Ealier I could make a new thread click on the index see the title of the thread and it would send me to mydomainname/post/0/ and give me an error post not found.

It seems to be corrected now and I am further investigating.