XF 2.0 How long to install?


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Well, you might not necessarily need a VPS, a good shared server is fine, many XF sites are run on a shared environment. A VPS is better than a shared server, but not necessary since you are just starting out.

Joe Kuhn

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I should clarify: I'm just now starting with a forum install, but the .com has been run by other folks for a couple of years now. They would do the upgrade.


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A host change is definitely in order, you just need to decide what host and if you go with a shared server or a VPS. A GPS might be the best bet, if it is affordable.


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my shared host is a BIG joke so i decide soon to move it to another host who has better setup and optimized for XF1, shared again but i dont need VPS for now, when ask it why is they shared server so BAD they goes with DDOS excuse and 1000 other excuse.

and its not funny any more

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Found the issue: db is in a data center out East while domain is in Oregon. Will work with management & DreamHost to resolve.

Thanks everybody.

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Db is in VA, domain OR.

DreamHost says for VA data center where the forum db is listed:

"The following database services are stored in this data center. If they are accessed from domains or sites in other data centers, please contact support so that we can consolidate your services for you and ensure optimal performance."

And for the OR data center where our domain is listed: "...for optimal performance, any databases used by these sites should be in the same data center as well."

Somebody copied the domain db from VA to OR already. Will try same for forum db as next possible solution.
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Joe Kuhn

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After the consolidation to the OR data center, I get this from the installer:


I've got the db server and db name correct per this:


And I got to the db via phpMyAdmin through the DreamHost 'panel' with the same login and password. Access denied sounds like a permissions issue and another call to DreamHost. What is "db-904d9377ba.dream.press"?
Our host is DreamHost, not SiteGround.
I would not use any host that starts with:
HostGator, DreamHost, FancyPantsHost, etc...

I have been with a2Hosting for less then a month, and installed XF2, and it was done within 2-3 min I guess. I am on a shared server, however, I maybe slowing down a bit due to all the addons since I am a "addon" freak, but so far, everything is working as it should....

as far as the user/db is concerned, snyc the user to the database, and select all privileges and save, otherwise,
you will get what you are seeing, and XF can and will not connect to the database if they are not set up properly using the correct password.