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XF 2.0 How long to install?

How long does a fresh installation take? My db site is different from my xf site. My install has been running for hours, so I'm thinking of stopping it and getting a db on the same host drive. What I have is probably too slow for a forum anyway. I'm learning alot this first pass, I'll tell you that. Can't be afraid to jump in.
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Manager says they are on the same server, so I started it up again. It got to the part about loading Phrases in 10 minutes whereas this morning it took 2.5 hours to get there. Shrug. Phrase loading is slow. I looked after stopping the first time and the xf_phrases table had only 3500+ records. Not many.
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Phrase loading is taking a long time. Since my last note (1 hr 25 mins ago) it has progressed from .8% to 16.5%.

Management says the forum software and the db for it are on the same DreamHost server and provides this as proof.


Found another slow install at DreamHost where they author says, "Welp, problem has been solved. Turned out the installation was just too intensive for the little shared hosting plan. Upgraded to a managed VPS and everything worked fine :)". That post is here:


In the DreamHost Panel I found this:


So an upgrade may be a solution. I've opened a ticket with them regarding this.

I also found that the mySql databases, one for the forum and one for the domain, are at a data center in the state of VA while the domain itself, where XF is to be installed, is at a data center in the state of OR. Could this be an issue?

The DreamHost Knowledge Base shows nothing at all about XenForo.